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Energy Saving

Save energy with us

Saving on your monthly expense means more profitability for your business. If you pay from S/.20 million soles per month in energy per month or have consumed 200 KW in at least one month, we have the solution for you!

1. Have a consumption greater than 200 kW or pay from S/. 20,000 a month

On the back of your receipt, in the "supply data" section, you will find the "contracted power", in the lower area, you will see the "Consumption history", if in at least one month you have a consumption of 200 kW , you can become a free customer and switch to Atria!

2. Be a free customer

If you are not a free customer, we help you to be one! You should only generate a pre-notification letter to your current supplier.

What is a regulated client?

Regulated customers are residential consumers, and mostly small and medium-sized businesses; Consumers do not have the freedom to choose their energy supplier or negotiate their electricity rate.

What is a Free client?

Free customers are customers who due to high energy consumption can negotiate their electricity rate with energy marketers, allowing greater freedom of contracting.



Save up to 30% in energy costs compared to the regulated market


Freedom to choose your energy supplier


We want your business to continue growing, for this reason, we have various products such as financing and project development that adapt to your needs.

These companies saved energy with us

Underground cable installation in Paccu

Champiñones Paccu

We design and plan the engineering and construction of warehouses, from the movement of the earth to the erection of the structure. We guarantee the proper electrical and sanitary operation, implementation of structures and equipment of the storage system.

Underground cable installation in Paccu Go to project
Underground cable installation in Paccu

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