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What is a solar concentrator?

It is a system that serves to concentrate solar thermal energy. These technologies use the reflection of the sun's rays through reflective surfaces, in order to concentrate them on a receiver of...

Green Hydrogen

It is a type of hydrogen that does not produce greenhouse gas emissions during its production, since it is generated from a process called electrolysis. It is called “green” because the sources...

Energetic Communities

The European Union defines the Citizen Energy Communities as those legal entities that are based on voluntary and open participation, whose effective control is exercised by partners or members, who may be...


Bioenergy is produced from the use of organic and industrial matter, which has been formed by biological or mechanical processes. Currently, it is used as an alternative energy source, considering that many...

Geothermal Power Generation

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy that is obtained by harnessing the internal heat of the Earth. This type of energy provides security of supply, and therefore provides stability to the electrical...

What is energy efficiency?

It is about optimizing energy consumption by energy consumers through equipment and appliances, implementing mechanisms to save energy, avoiding energy losses in the process.